Selasa, 06 Maret 2007

Mugen s2000, Mugen Legend, Mugen CRV, Mugen Showroom, Mugen Super Charged Civic Dominator, Mugen Super Charged Fit Dynamite Jazz, Mugen Fit Spec-D

Mugen is located in a town called Asaka around an hour or so from Tokyo. Asaka is pretty much a a Honda town as the Global Honda HO is also down the road and one of their R&D plants is also located around here. There are so many different types of Hondas getting around in all shapes and sizes in this town.

Here are the pics enjoy. biggrin

This is the front of the Mugen building with a few cars in the front drive way.

Mugen New Legend

Mugen s2000

Mugen New CRV

Mugen Showroom

Mugen Super Charged Civic Dominator

Mugen Super Charged Fit Dynamite Jazz

Mugen Fit Spec-D R/C

Jordan Mugen F1 , Prost Mugen F1

Team Kunimitsu Raybrig Super GT racing NSX comming back from testing for a rebuild into the Mugen workshop for 2007 race season.

mugen modified s2000, DC5r

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