Sabtu, 12 Juli 2008

2010 rx7, new mazda rx7

Well there has been alot of rumours of a new Mazda coupe entering the market. Well today i found confirmation that from 2010 the new Rx7 will be produced. This project claims to of been partly motivated by the latest American/Japanese Mazda concept car, the Furai, which achieved alot of attention.


The car will be a rotary engine driven RWD platform with around 350ps. The twin rotary powered engine will utilize on Mazdas hydrogen technology that it used for the Rx8. In Mazdas vision, they want a car that will live up to the expectations of the enthusiasts, but they also want a car that houses revolutionary technology. If Mazda can build this new rx7 to be a both a performance car and a environmentally low emmissions friendly car then they may be able to create a car that will be appauled for years to come. With low emissions they will be ensuring a future for the car, as government restrictions and the growing cost of petrol will cause many petrol eaters to quickly become extinct.

This article reads that the car will be good for the environment.

The new Rx7 is also said to be quite small and perhaps a similar size to the new Mx5.

The price is also stated to be significantly lower than other performance cars entering the market in Japan with a price between 3.5 and 4 million yen.:icon_tup:

This is from my Mazda Blog:icon_tup: I will do a full translation of the Japanese article soon.

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