Rabu, 23 Juli 2008

Top Gear Episodes S11 E04 and E05, r35 GTR

Top Gear Episodes S11 E04 and E05?

The 4th episode is where Jeremy drives across Japan in it. But the good one is episode 5 where he gets to test the car on Fuji Speedway. I have NEVER heard Jeremy Clarkson speak so highly of a Japanese car before. Words like "feels like it has a million horse power", staggering etc. And best of all the GT-R's cornering G's stuffed up his neck so he had to cut short his test.

The Stig drives it around the TG track and the result was surprising . . . . 1m19.7s. Faster than the Ferrari Scuderia, Lambo LP640, 911 GT3 RS, Carrera GT, slower than the Ariel Atom. That is just staggering, this is a car with 4 seats and a boot.

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