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Hamilton says 100th GP feels unreal 22-07-2012

Lewis Hamilton says that his 100th race in Formula 1 has come around much quicker than he expected.
The 2008 world champion will make his 100th start in Sunday's German Grand Prix.
And speaking about reaching that landmark in his five and a half years in Formula 1, Hamilton told reporters at Hockenheim that the time had passed very quickly.
"To think that I have done 100 grands prix, it just feels so unreal," he said. "Of course it means something; to get to 100 is very important.
"I didn't notice my 10th, my 20th, my 50th, or any of the others. It just went by so quickly. When you're having a good time, time flies by. And the years have gone by very quickly."
Hamilton added that his time in Formula 1 seems to be going by quicker than the years did when he was racing in the junior categories.
"I'm in my sixth year of Formula 1, that's insane," he said. "It feels like it's gone quicker than my Formula Renault years, Formula 3, and GP2. My six years in Formula 1 feels as long as my two years in F3.
"It feels very similar to that, but obviously it's a lot more races. It's great, and hopefully I have many more races to do in the future."
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