Senin, 14 Januari 2013

Day four of CES: The home stretch

We all thought that day four would be a lot less busy and it was, however, we still had people waiting for a demo up until the dying minutes of the show.

The day opened with a video shoot by Brian Cooley - one of my favorite interviewers. This man can distill a complex technology down to the basics after a 10 minute briefing. And he can shoot a video in one take. Impressive.

Brian Cooley dropped by to do a spot for CNET. I really admire his ability to distill complicated subjects into very digestible bits.

Dr. Phil once again. Only this time he is in the soundproof booth, ready to wow everyone with a the first-ever HD stereo video call in the car.

Delphi had a beautiful QNX-based system in an Audio A7. Everything was gorgeous, responsive, and flawless.

One of the really cool things about the Delphi system was the theater seating in the back seat. Why watch a movie anywhere else?

Andrew Poliak, director of business development, did booth duty whenever not in meetings.

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