Kamis, 10 Januari 2013

Day two of CES - QNX, Harman, and Vipers, oh my!

Day two came and went very fast. It felt as frantic as day one. I did manage to leave the north hall though... only to find the center hall to be just as intense. Maybe even more so. It had booths the size of city blocks. Maybe even bigger; certainly louder.

I somehow found Harman International. And I was not disappointed. There were at least four demos sporting QNX technology.

QNX CAR 2 was on display and in full form in the Harman booth. Nice to see the QNX logo so prominently displayed.

Closer look at different display in the same demo system. This 3D map from Elektrobit just never gets old.

Harman again. QNX again. This is almost embarrassing! ;-)

Harman and QNX and Vipers, oh my!

I managed to get permission to poke my head into the car. The digital instrument cluster was gorgeous.

The Viper's infotainment system was just as beautiful. Note to my boyfriend: I do believe this car is currently shipping.

The QNX booth staff, including biz dev manager Emil Dautovic, were hard at work once again. Although how hard can it be to talk to nice people all day? Maybe if there were more chairs...

Of course we knew our latest concept car would be a hit but we weren't exactly expecting the mob scene that it was again on day two.

Joe Cusumano, automotive field applications engineer, in conversation.

Linda Campbell, director of QNX strategic alliances, was her usual tireless self.

Our inimitable automotive field applications engineer Dan Baergen.

And our very own Dr. Phil, mastermind of the QNX acoustics processing and noise cancellation products.

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